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 GIBs (18/05/2020)

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Green [193rd GIR]
Technician 4th Grade, E-4.

Green [193rd GIR]

GIBs (18/05/2020) Empty
PostSubject: GIBs (18/05/2020)   GIBs (18/05/2020) EmptyMon May 18 2020, 15:26

Private David Junior
GIBs (18/05/2020) 2ynjozc

Private Ivar Kåhrström
GIBs (18/05/2020) 2ynjozc

Private Roy Schultz
GIBs (18/05/2020) 2ynjozc

Private Richard Roden
GIBs (18/05/2020) 2ynjozc

GIBs (18/05/2020) GKNRxmB
Technician Fourth Grade Nate Green
Platoon Clerk
193rd Glider Infantry Regiment.
Charlie Company, First Platoon.
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GIBs (18/05/2020)
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