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 Hello 193

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Generally Discharged.

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PostSubject: Hello 193   Hello 193 EmptyFri Dec 21 2018, 13:16

My name is Eric, EB is my nickname.

Just put in my papers in hopes of joining you all on the battlefield.

I have been playing FPS since the Unreal Tournament Days back in the 90's

I have not yet played this game but am looking forward to leaning the ropes.

I am easy going, laid back. Very respectful. Served in the Marine Corps 77-81.

Married to the same great lady for 32 years. I have two cats and one dog.

I have worked in forensics for the past 30 odd years.

Just looking forward to meeting and playing PS with you all.


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Payne [193rd GIR]
Private First Class, E-6.

Payne [193rd GIR]

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PostSubject: Re: Hello 193   Hello 193 EmptyFri Dec 21 2018, 14:13

Hey EB! Looking forward to meeting you and working with you out on the battlefield. Unreal Tournament was one of my first FPS too. Great to see another military member joining up! Thanks for your service

Hello 193 3y0vv4V
Private First Class Tyler Payne
193rd Glider Infantry Regiment.
Charlie Company, First Platoon.
First Squad.
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PostSubject: hello   Hello 193 EmptyFri Jan 04 2019, 16:02

New guy myself, slowly navigating Post Scriptum and want to be part of an American unit.
Active duty 73-95.
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Hello 193
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