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 Update v1.0.116 - Changelog

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Kirch [193rd GIR]
Second Lieutenant, O-1.

Kirch [193rd GIR]

Update v1.0.116 - Changelog Empty
PostSubject: Update v1.0.116 - Changelog   Update v1.0.116 - Changelog EmptyThu Oct 18 2018, 03:09

"Update v1.0.116 - Changelog
Hello everyone.

Massive update coming up tomorrow night! (2018-10-18)
We're adding our new map Arnhem and its famous bridge too far to the public branch.

Update v1.0.116 - Changelog 49669421cbb5f99796a914a24c27363646b93690

This map is currently 2km wide on a 4km long on Single 01 layout. More will come in the near future.
The British 1st Airborne is tasked with holding the bridge at all costs while the German commander, will need to coordinate his troops and vehicles altogether in order to cross the bridge!

Vehicle handling has received a massive amount of love in the past 2 weeks, and we are very happy with the results.
Team lock has also been deactivated. You can now change team at will unless teams are unbalanced.

Here is the changelog:

-Gameplay: Tank handling massive overhaul
-Gameplay: Removed team lock restriction
-Gameplay: Razorwire deals 3 times more damage to infantry soldiers
-Gameplay: British Armored Cars are getting more damage from TNT and 20mm AP
-Gameplay: German Sappers and Heavy AT get Haftholladung (Magnetic Mine)
-Gameplay: German and British light anti tank get 4 rockets (2 previously)
-Gameplay: Regroup call cooldown is now 2 minutes (5 min previously)
-Gameplay: Regroup call is no longer 30 seconds delay but 20 seconds
-Gameplay: Closed some buildings in Arnhem to help gameplay flow
-Gameplay: Incapacitated teammate nametags are now showing in grey
-Gameplay: Phosphorus and Gammon bombs are now exploding on impact

-Add: Arnhem City 2x4km
-Add: Trenches around Ritveld (Driel)
-Add: New grass model (improves both visuals and performance)
-Add: Rotation added to all thrown grenades when thrown

-Fix: Track FX issues
-Fix: Flak 36 visible to the enemy on the map
-Fix: Removed heartbeat sound on spawn

The Arnhem Bridge patch will be a great addition to the game, but most importantly, that will bring us one step closer to getting the US faction out.
As a reminder, the US faction will be first accessible to all the Supporter Edition owners, as a thanks to you for believing in Post Scriptum. It will be then released to all Post Scriptum owners.

Update v1.0.116 - Changelog Fbf4fc9967a9a5d7ed2ecf11a008e07147965edf

Velmolen will be the first map to be accessible, a 2x2km map. We will showcase this in the next Tea Time (next week, date tbc) with the 82nd airborne faction and 2 new game modes.
Armored will focus the action mainly around tanks, from recon to heavy armored ones.

Update v1.0.116 - Changelog 0017c66cbcbd7d62ae9b3966f9431b1ac13baa83

Update v1.0.116 - Changelog 839842d8bab5fab5ec0291a0ff3df3265cf1e9e6

We will also unveil and discuss the Attack and Secure game mode with a PS touch to it. More details in our Tea Time next week.

Update v1.0.116 - Changelog 8f4a33950ed9ec4753815c4e218a78f8f11a717a

Our current estimation on US Airborne testing for all our Supporter Edition owner is the weekend of October 27th & 28th. That is an estimation and we'll keep you posted if something changes.
In the meantime, enjoy some screenshots of Velmolen!

Update v1.0.116 - Changelog 20f5a86fe91ae17fc6cd4ca0458c11dae67ce499

Update v1.0.116 - Changelog Fecd4cf3fa3dae4ef170a1c9089c646c887cf8b1

Update v1.0.116 - Changelog 5bc31524c56c14e9927dcc104e8cc0c1d02a33f6

Update v1.0.116 - Changelog 8348be4e2dbabb9e90cdc9547426f43211266059

PS. We are experiencing some issues right now with Steam Store, if you own Standard Edition and you wish to participate in the US Airborne testing weekend, you should be able to upgrade your game.
From Standard to Supporter it should be 30$ and 15$ from the Deluxe edition to Supporter. If your Steam Store does not show those prices, hold on before your upgrade, we will get this sorted as soon as possible with the help of Valve.


Periscope Games."

Update v1.0.116 - Changelog AFzfwQL
Second Liuetenant Kyle Kirch
Platoon Commander
193rd Glider Infantry Regiment.
Charlie Company, First Platoon.
Platoon Headquarters.
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Update v1.0.116 - Changelog
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