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 Server Rules

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Payne [193rd GIR]
Private First Class, E-6.

Payne [193rd GIR]

Server Rules Empty
PostSubject: Server Rules   Server Rules EmptyFri Jan 05 2018, 18:56

Do not intentionally team-kill or team-wound another player (including revenge).  You will be kicked or banned from the server. The ONLY exception to this rule is to kill someone who has become stuck or glitched.


In order to make small matches more engaging, the server is in "Seeding mode" until 10v10(20 players total). While the server is in seeding mode; armoured vehicles, commander support call-ins, and MSP/FOB hunting is prohibited. Halftracks ARE allowed.

Rule #3: {GLITCHES}
Do not use map exploits or graphic flaws in the map to gain an advantage.  This includes hacking.

Do not argue with any other players or admins. We are a community of mature members and we expect issues to be resolved in a mature way on our server.  If you have a complaint, speak to an admin. Do not use excessive profanity through voice or text chat.  Do not yell or scream in voice chat.  Voice will be used only for coordinating tactics and teamwork.

Rule #5: {OBJECTIVE}
You must go for the objective and coordinate with your squad to the best of your abilities, if your squad lead is non communicative, contact an admin to resolve the issue.

Rule #6: {COMMUNITY}
No recruiting on the server, period.  Only 193rd Glider are permitted to actively recruit on our server.

Rule #7: {MORALITY}
Do not make sexist, racist, homophobic, or offensive remarks. Even in an ironic context.

Rule #8: {MATURITY}
Do not run around acting like a child.  This unit is made up of mature adults, and we expect players on our server to act in a similar fashion, treat everyone on the server as you'd treat your friends and no one will have an issue.
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Server Rules
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